Tips for buying used Kids clothes online

29th August 2017








  1. Don’t be too picky – Online thrifts stores offer a wide variety of clothes, much of which may be sold in bundles as it is a lot easier for the seller to list the clothes this way rather than listing every individual item. You can find some real gems in bundles (along with some pretty worn out stuff). You should get a good idea of what is in the bundle from the photo but if you are unsure contact the seller for more information or additional pictures.
  2. Haggle – most of the time you will find the prices listed for items and bundles of second hand clothes and toys fairly reasonable. Don’t be afraid to try and bring the price down a little though if you feel it is a bit steep. After all the items for sale may be second, third, fourth… hand!.
  3. Buy quality brands – Clothing that is well made will last longer.
  4. Where possible meet face to face – this will enable you to see and check the physical item prior to exchange of money. Meet in a public place and don’t carry large amounts of money with you.
  5. Visit the site regularly – items for sale will change regularly. Don’t miss out and check listings regularly.
  6. Be prepared to rummage! – Have a good look through all items to unearth great buys. The benefit of shopping online is there will be a search facility.


Why second hand is best

21st August 2017

Secon Hand

I have a two-year-old daughter and it’s crazy how much stuff we already have that is no longer being used. Toys, Books, things I bought thinking would come in useful but have never been used, more clothes than she would ever need, some of which have never been worn! When it comes to buying her clothes I am more than happy to buy second hand and accept “hand me downs”. Here are the reasons why, and why you should consider shopping second-hand; it can make a greater difference than you may realise:

Much more Affordable
When you shop second-hand, your money stretches much further allowing you to save money for other important expenditures… wine anyone?

You Get to Experience the Thrill of a real bargain
Second-hand shopping is much more rewarding than retail shopping as you can find little gems at unbeatable prices. When looking for children’s clothes you will often find that people sell bundles of clothes at a fantastic price. I have bought these myself and have found some beautiful clothes with the tags still on!

Your Money Stays Local
Second-hand buying from charity shops or online sites requiring collection of goods ensures your money stays local.

It’s Easier to Spot Quality
Most of the items you come across will have already been broken in, so you can see what has quality and what does not. Practical and affordable.

It’s Green!
Re-using gives a longer life to items another family could use, saving the Earth in effect.

Motivate to Recycle
Items you no longer use can be offered up to another who may be searching for it. Recycling enables us to feel good about our actions and again keeps money local economy and supports green living.

Brand Lover
If you worship the tag, then you’re likely to find many recycled, brand-name clothes available. It’s a great way to suit style needs while saving money and helping the environment

If like me you have a house full of kids’ stuff and want to make a bit of extra cash head over to and list your items for FREE!